Every Day Person Style: Hello Fall

It's finally fall, that time of year all us basic ladies have been waiting for. Pumpkin spice and everything nice including boots, sweaters, bonfires, apple picking and all of the glorious things this season brings. 


Even though in northern Virginia we are still experiencing days in the mid 70s-80s, there is no way to deny the presence of the autumnal season and all the goodness it brings to our lives.

I teamed up with Emily of Emily Ann Photography again to bring you a few new fun things in the coming weeks. There is way too much fun to be had when I am with this girl. If we aren't having a blast collaborating we are snap-chatting each other wine-filled pictures of our dogs and trap music. It's basically the greatest. 

Now don't let my big goober face confuse you, Emily is a great portrait photographer. Trying to be serious and model with my hair and face a mess and my entire being just reacting to a camera lens with the utmost in awkwardness is not easy, however she captured these moments in such a way that makes it seem like I totally wasn't listening to Tay Zondays-Chocolate Rain and sweating my butt off from making several trips up and down a parking lot hill.

If you're yelling at me through your computer screen "Rachel! Posting all these pictures of yourself is totally vapid and ridiculous and you look terrible in skinny jeans!" Yes, I totally agree with you and all the internet warrior criticism you can throw at me. However, once winter comes I will be in so many layers someone will most certainly mistake me for the abominable snowman or maybe a giant emperor penguin and hide their children when I come waddling down the parking lot to Starbucks. So I figured I would get the skinny jeans out of the way before thanksgiving hits and I gain so much weight I have to invest in one of those mobility scooters.

I can swim real fast like a penguin too, also think killer whales are kind of assholes. 

I can swim real fast like a penguin too, also think killer whales are kind of assholes. 

sweater, necklace and shirt from Francesca's. Jeans from Express. Boots from Old Navy forever ago, hat from Target. Self-deprecating humor courtesy of my catholic upbringing.

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