How to Plan a Wedding When You Love Everything

I'm no stranger to loving lots of things. In fact when Shauns grandmother met me for the first time one of the first things she said was, "Rachel gets very excited, doesn't she?" 


Name any category and I can give you at least 1,000 responses as to all of the things I love in that category. It's like when someone asks you what kind of music you listen to and you respond, "Everything!" except with me the questions could be, "what is your favorite color?" "what are your hobbies?" "what's your favorite travel destination?" "what would you like to eat?" All answers to these various questions can be responded in the same exact way: ALL OF THEM.

This benefits a lot of aspects of my life, but it can also be detrimental when a decision needs to be made. Because I'm a professional lover of all things, I've developed a system to help me narrow my focus and figure out my direction on a project or the task at hand. Planning a wedding has so many moving parts that even narrowing down your vision can be hard! Hopefully this little guide will help you figure out your style and what direction you want your big day to go in so you can knock some things off the checklist! 

1. Get Off of Pinterest! 

I know, saying this is sacrilege in this day and age of pinterest worship and entire websites dedicated to hilarious pinterest fails. But please trust me when I say this, pinterest can do way more harm than good when you are planning your wedding. Although it's a wonderful resource for figuring out how to accessorize an outfit, what to do with leftover chicken and a great time-suck, pinterest can set unrealistic expectations and skew your perception of what you really want. See that gorgeous seaside black-tie wedding covered in more peonies than there are grains of sand on the beach of the million dollar property venue? Well unless you want to shell out six figures, your wedding probably won't look like that. BUT THAT'S OK! The truth is, when you got engaged, you probably had a vision of what you wanted your wedding to look and feel like, then you go on pinterest and see all of the gorgeous images of blushing brides and ken-doll male models dripping in gorgeous designer fabric and suddenly you think you need that.  Pinterest can fuel that "keep up with the Joneses" mindset that humanity oftentimes spirals into. Don't feed into it. I guarantee you on the day of and 20 years from now you will be happy with whatever idea you originally had that was unique to you and not the insanely ridiculous $500 accessory that everyone made fun of you for anyways.

2. What do you like to wear?

This may seem like a very basic concept but it is so underrated and underused. If you are trying to develop a color scheme but you are going for something bohemian or a theme that doesn't have a specific color palette, step into your closet and pick out your favorite outfit. Is it a chic cocktail dress and heels with a big statement piece necklace? You may want a more chic/elegant affair. Is it a cozy sweater, boots and a wild print legging? You may be a bit more fun and opt for a more intimate casual setting! How does that outfit make you feel when you put it on? What do you want that outfit to say about you to other people? Chances are your personal style will reflect your wedding style pretty accurately.

3. Create a design board at home

Just like you did with your closet, go around your house and now grab your favorite decor items. It could be a throw blanket, a vase, a picture frame or a candle. Anything that really speaks to you and you love the most.  Gather up these items and write down what exactly it is you love about those specific things. Be general and specific. So for example, do you love that gold french bulldog tape dispenser from Nate Berkus at Target? Do you like french bulldogs? Is it perhaps the color gold and the whimsical/unique idea of it that really strikes you? Write that down. How about your favorite pillow, do you just love the color and tactility of it? Write all of that down. Now you have an entire list of things you love! 

4. Pick your color scheme

So now that you have your beloved objects and your favorite outfit in front of you and your fiancé is staring at you wondering why all of these things are on the dining room table instead of dinner it's time to find a pattern. Are there a few primary colors that really stick out to you? Pick your favorites! I like to start with 3 primary and 3 secondary. You can pick a neutral to come in later if all you've picked are bold colors. You can also run to your local Home Depot and pick up some paint swatches of any colors that really speak to you. Once you've narrowed down a few colors, the process of picking through them and finding your color palette will happen naturally! 

5. Don't stress and have fun! 

One of the most important things to remember is that your wedding day is much more than pretty flower arrangements, a big white dress and a fancy dinner party. This is one of the most special days of your entire life! Cherish these moments leading up to your big day, have fun with it and don't sweat the small stuff. No one will notice if the room isn't draped the way you had intended, if you don't do a garter toss or the color of your chiavari chairs. What matters is that you and your beloved begin your journey of togetherness and that your loved ones are there to witness it. So step back from your computer and design boards and binders and go get some ice cream, you've earned it!  Plus remember it's not the flavor of the ice cream that matters, it's the fact that you're eating ice cream and I don't have any ice cream right now so you're already doing better than me...or something like that.




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