Primland Engagement

In March we headed down to Southern Virginia to stay at a cabin at Primland Resort in the Meadows of Dan as Shauns Christmas present to me. It was one of those places that look better in person than they do online and it was one of the most relaxing, magical getaways I've ever taken.

We were so far out in the sticks that we had no cell service the entire time. It was actually a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle and barrage of text messages and phone calls we are used to.

Shaun planned this trip to propose and he did it perfectly out by the fire one night after I had engorged myself on s'mores. It really was a magical setting to match the magical moment.

We stayed in the Woodpecker East cabin that was basically the cutest, most comfortable cabin I've ever been in. It's not often I adapt immediately to my surroundings while traveling but the woodpecker made me feel right at home and possibly a little jealous that it wasn't my home. Every window you looked out of had stunning mountain views.

The Main Lodge was just a short golf cart trip away across the green, it was beautiful watching the sunset right behind it every night.

We had dinner at the pub the first night. The absolute best food and views I've ever had at a "pub" in my life.

also, I'm not sure why Shaun has anime eyes in this picture. I think a combination of the lighting, my photo editing and the sheer joy that just pulses through you when you stay here.

If the views, the accommodations, the delicious food and incredibly friendly staff wasn't enough, they had nightly s'mores. It's only my dream come true so you can believe I indulged nightly.

There were also tons of activities to do. We signed up for star gazing 

We learned about the night sky while seeing distant planets and solar systems through their big ..telescope.

We also partook in tree climbing Bob from Blue Ridge Tree Climbing who was just the sweetest person and so incredibly passionate about what he does.

After a pretty decent workout climbing trees we had a couples massage. Shaun is not a fan of massages or spas in general but he was a good trooper throughout the entire thing. They had a box of "disposable bikinis" in the ladies room so you could hang out in this awesome spa bath but since Shaun didn't want to relax and enjoy I took one with me, the curiosity just got the best of me.

After a day of relaxing and taking it easy we had some major fun with atvs. We got to drive up and down mountains and valleys, across streams and up impossibly steep hills. Our guide was the nicest, sweetest guy and actually was the one person that got a picture of shaun and I as a newly engaged couple.

If ATVs weren't enough fun we then had horseback riding the next morning. I overcame my fear and apprehension of horses although I'm pretty sure my horse could sense my trepidation. While the other horses trotted right along in a single file line, mine decided to stop occasionally to eat wildflowers, spin around in circles and break into a gallop unexpectedly. They certainly matched the right horse for the right human.

After al the activities were done we decided to go for a little hike across the grounds and check out some of the tree houses that jut out over the mountainside. Best views by far but also the most terrifying for someone with a fear of heights! 

I can't recommend Primland enough for anyone who wants to get away for a special occasion or for a vacation in a different kind of paradise. There is also an incredible golf course that spans across the top of the mountain although I am no expert, I'm pretty sure it's not best for beginners. In the spring months there is also the Stables Saloon available for breakfast and dinner. If you stay in one of the cottages they have a full size kitchen (with a smaller fridge in ours) that you could bring your own food and cook meals if you so choose, but their room service and turndown service with massive delicious cookies is second to none.

Even if you don't come to stay and just drive aimlessly around the mountain, enjoy a lunch at the pub and do some archery or horseback riding you're guaranteed to have a great time. But stay for the s'mores, at least, won't you?

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