Kristi's baby shower

I've known Kristi since I was about 13. My dad had moved me from our little house in Baltimore County to a smaller house in Pasadena. I hated everything. I hated the musty smell of the shag carpeting that we were to rip up. I hated the faux wood paneling. I hated the fact that I was forced to leave all of my friends behind and start over again in this little bayside hick town. Then Kristi came along.

I remember Kristi coming down the street walking her dog, Lady and asking me if I wanted to go swimming in the river. To an angsty 14 year old uprooted from her life this was like winning the lottery. Kristi and I became fast friends, swimming almost daily in the summer, walking to the little store and eating subs and ice cream at the playground. Getting into trouble, trying out cigarettes, hanging out with boys we shouldn't have hung out with. We grew up together and our friendship only grew stronger.

Kristi is the type of person who you want on your team. If the end of the world happens, I want Kristi there by my side. If I start acting crazy and need someone to bring me back to reality, it's time to call Kristi. If I need reassurance in whatever new crazy thing I've gotten myself into, Kristi is who I look to for advice. She is the salt of the earth and more hardheaded than me. About a year before I permanently moved to Virginia, Kristi moved to North Carolina which seems like an entire world away. I finally went down to visit her last year and it was like we were teenagers again gluing extensions into my hair or walking around the neighborhood.  Even though we are farther apart geographically, I still feel a closeness to a person I consider my best friend. Late last year Kristi informed me that she was pregnant. It was one of the most truly excited moments I have had in a very long time. Kristi, this person who is an expert at taking care of others and being a mother to all of her friends, will finally be a mother herself. I can't describe how elated I am to share in this experience with her and watch her transform in this next chapter of her life.  We held a baby shower at her parents house last month where many people came to congratulate, celebrate and rejoice in this happy news. Here are some pictures from that day. 

I made little chocolate eclair cake favors for party guests with a picture of a  little red radio flyer wagon on the top because Kristi's mom, Ms. Trish got her a red wagon for Haylie and as a tribute to our rustic/country themed shower.

I also made a little dessert bar with cupcakes, cookies, candy and my personal favorite, donuts. 

As guests started to arrive, the gifts started to pile up.

Among other baby shower games we had a paint your own onesie station (of course)

I find myself hilarious.

I find myself hilarious.

Ms. Trish prepared tons of food for everyone to enjoy, lots of smiles and laughter all around.

Champ was cruising around making sure everyone was happy.

I had tried my best to crochet a camo baby blanket although it ended up looking more like camo stripes!

We also had everyone sign a picture matte to hang in Haylie's room. When she is old enough she can read the love she was surrounded by before she even entered the world.

Kristis nephew, John, was such a rockstar helping to set up, clean up, and rearrange things.

and my personal favorite moment of the entire day...

yes, yes! a thousand times yes! I'm so thrilled to meet my little God-baby!!! 


Haylie, I love your momma so much and I just cannot wait to meet you, only a couple more weeks before I get to tell you all about how crazy your mother was in her teenage years ; )

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