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We left last week for a trip to Mexico with Shauns work. Wearing lighter weather clothing and hauling giant suitcases that juuuust made the weight limit was our groggy Thursday morning. We just got back Sunday evening and the emails, phone calls, bakery orders and wedding to do list is already growing. Not to mention a couple etsy orders, unpacking, doing laundry and doing my regular cleaning that I put off last week because we were leaving.

 Mexico was such a welcome respite from the bitter February winter, the sunshine beaming down 80* temperatures, drinking slushy coconut drinks out of a coconut on the beach and dancing and downing way more tequila than I will ever do again most likely. I had a ton of fun but I am so happy to be home. It may be grey and dreary here as I type this, but I've got my Bear and I can drink water whenever I want, it's good to be home!

I was totally in love with the bright pastel buildings, blue, pink, green, purple, teal, they were such a cheery sight to wake up to after leaving the blustery freezing cold grey of Baltimore. Mexico is one of the most colorful places I've been in spirit and in it's physical sense.

this is my pale, pasty self trying to blend in with the local foliage.  You can tell who is a tourist by how pale and sad they look.

this is my pale, pasty self trying to blend in with the local foliage. You can tell who is a tourist by how pale and sad they look.

Volleyball was our new favorite sport when we touched down. Albeit Shaun is significantly better at it than me, I still have badminton.

They had a lot of these cute little guys running around the resort. I tried catching one in a tequila-addled stumble but they are pretty quick, quicker than sober me even, although that doesn't take much. 

...Speaking of drinking...we dared Sayid to climb a coconut tree and he did. 3 times! Funniest moment of the night for sure. Although he wasn't too happy with the palm burns on his arms the next morning. Nothing a bit more day drinking can't solve! 

I was worried that I had been a little overzealous in my packing for warm weather, but the sunshine was absolute perfection. It was beautiful every single day we were there! 

After one of our more exertive nights of drinking and dancing, a few of us got massages on the beach. I will admit to falling a sleep a couple times during the massage, kind of dreaming of being right back in that moment now.

The water was a good temperature, although I think my body was still adjusting to not being in 3 layers so I only got in for a little bit. 

On our last day we decided to go downtown and do some shopping. There was this incredible little leather store that had these beautiful bags in all of these brilliant colors and styles. The entire place smelled so great, I didn't want to leave.

I ended up getting a hardy little tooled leather bag. Although looking back on these pictures I sincerely regret not buying one of every thing. 

Shaun looks super grumpy and totally over it in this picture, but really he just turned around and got caught off guard when I was taking a picture of this awesome ivy-covered, pink accented building. 



Being true to my American tourist roots, my favorite part of the shopping trip was probably getting a giant double scoop of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. 



And of course a few grainy, terrible iPhone pictures because I wasn't a perfectly composed turista the entire time.

We also did zip-lining across the jungle and drove amphibious vehicles through caves and across rope bridges. I also met a dinosaur, which was notable.

I also got to spend some time with my crazy Tracy and Jess!

and my fellow Baltimorean, Craig!

We had a lovely cocktail hour with Luke and Ashley

Probably the last picture of us looking like a nice, respectable couple before...

More tequila and dancing...I'm not sure what to call this move, I was trying to keep up with AJs dad who was just fierce.

There may have been an awkward Miley Cyrus-type moment. Again, bottle service can do things to a person.

But at the end of the dayI cleaned up pretty well and was able to enjoy a hangover-free last couple days.

Hasta luego Mexico! Until next time!

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