Basement Renovation

In February of last year Shaun and I decided to undertake the biggest construction project we have done so far. As far as renovations go, it was on the lighter end of the spectrum, but I think it made a huge impact on the feel of our basement and we didn't kill each other! Not once! Both still alive so I would say that's an accomplishment in and of itself. It was basically a total transformation with the exception of painting the walls, it seems I just can't get away from this yellow/tan combo that consumes every wall and ceiling in our home that the builder hysterically calls "cool platinum". Um..what? Was it opposite day when the paint namer person named that one? Was that the last paint color that person named before they quit their job, flipping the bird to the entire staff on the way out? 

Anyways, when we first moved in the basement was a giant beige box of yellowness. I took many pictures when we moved in, reconstruction and through construction. However, being me, I lost that SD card somewhere in the insanity that is the craft room. I do have two "during construction" pictures. Which aside from the carpet being ripped up shows you what was going on in our basement.

nothing. Nothing was going on down there.

nothing. Nothing was going on down there.

The farthest we got when we moved in was installing Shauns massive 70lb tv on the wall and putting the sofas and media center in front of it. Aside from that there was nothing else. Bear absolutely loved the ocean of carpet, he could do plenty of zoomies, chase people, be chased, tear up Christmas decorations...

I...uh...what garland?

I...uh...what garland?

Shaun has always wanted to have a theater room in the basement.  Because our basement is one big room with a full bath and storage room on one side and we didn't want to put up any walls to close it in and make it smaller we decided to build a platform and make an implied theater area separate from the game/bar area. Here is the before and after:

Obviously there is a lot more going on in the basement now! You may recall my brief little stairway movie wall project. I had some extra paint from the office and some movie posters that I ordered the year before planning on putting them up

The biggest impact that I think we made was changing the floors. Got rid of that big beige ocean and replaced it with a really cool distressed looking laminate.

The great thing about the laminate is how much it looks like real wood. But laminate is suited much better for the level of moisture in a basement, and it's cheaper! The pool table also makes a massive presence which is nice to balance out the massive platform we built. We installed an industrial light above the pool table instead of a standard stained glass pub style one. 

One of the more recent updates we made and one of my favorite was making a vintage tin gallery wall. Almost all of this was decor we already had or purchased from Amazon. Waiting for each piece to arrive before putting it all up on the wall was the hardest part! My personal favorite is the small block you can't read that says "In dog beers, I've only had 1".

One of the most challenging aspects of the basement was bringing the wood down the stairs to build the platform. We had to purchase 8" long 2x6 boards and cut them in half in the garage before we brought them down because they wouldn't fit! It made bringing this massive shuffleboard down the steps one of the biggest challenges. 

I initially fought Shaun tooth and nail against a shuffleboard. But it's actually a really fun part of the basement and something people usually flock to when they are down there.

This is the view of the basement from the pub table we placed behind the 2nd row of seating. We were considering making it a bar top but that would restrict the reclining capabilities of the sofas and we also aren't big drinkers.


After a few minutes down here Bear came to investigate and tell me he wanted to play in the pool. 

The area over the seating is darker because we removed the lights over it so if someone is playing pool or shuffleboard, we can dim the lights and have it darker over the theater area.

One of my favorite pieces in the basement is this table, My dad cut the wood, cut, sanded and sealed it himself. I ordered hairpin legs online and attached them when I got it home. This thing is deceptively heavy, like at least 50lbs of solid wood! 

So that's our basement renovation! Bear says thank you for stopping by!

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