Summer Must-Haves

I went out today and yesterday to run errands in the unbearable heat and managed not to melt into a puddle.  But it's no secret that summer is here, even though it's official start date isn't until this Sunday. I'm certainly not one to delay the sundress and pool weather, the ripening of veggies from my garden and the long awaited blooming of my hydrangeas.  These are a few of my summer must-haves that I've picked up over the past couple weeks in preparation of the heat! 

1. The dress in the picture is from American Eagle, but you can find a cuter alternative here.

2. My makeup bag has been dying for months now, so on my hunt at Target for a new makeup bag I found this super fun vinyl one in the most colorful summer print I could imagine. It also has a tear away portion that holds a smaller amount of makeup in case you just need to take touch-up stuff with you. Unfortunately I cannot find the one that I snagged online but they have some really adorable options here.

3. My new favorite sandal is the most simplistic, easy-going sandal ever. These have been my go-to for footwear daily and they are so simple they go easily with dresses, shorts, rompers you name it. 

4. Charming Charlie and I have this really codependent relationship where they encourage my shopping habits in ways I can't even tell you about. They are way more than jewelry and handbags with their hats, scarves and clothing becoming increasingly adorable. Pretty much everything I wore in Mexico was from Charming Charlie, including this hat.

5. I'm trying to wear more fun, large jewelry but I always end up going back to a simple, gorgeous pendant. This one from Francesca's is my absolute favorite. Unfortunately I was cooking somewhat overzealously the other day and yanked the gorgeous stone, pendant and bead off. I'm still hoping a pair of pliers and some focus can bring it back, otherwise for $26 I'll go back and buy another one! 

So there you have a few of my summer must-haves, what are some of your go-to's when the weather heats up?

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