Day Trip: Burnside Farms

Back in early May, when we had a mini false summer and temperatures soared into the upper 80s for a week straight, Gurgle came down for a visit, and we had a delicious breakfast at Cafe Bonjour in Haymarket before heading over to Burnside Farms. 

 Burnside Farms  is a "pick your own" flower farm in Haymarket on route 15 towards Leesburg. In spring they have a "Holland in Haymarket" festival and on the website claims that it is now "one of the largest pick-your-own flower events in the world!" With Daffodils in early spring, tulips and then dutch iris, we came right at the peak of tulip season!

The daffodils were just about gone and the Iris wasn't get in full bloom but the tulips, oh the tulips. I spent the majority of our time there dazed in the beauty and splendor of it all, wandering around snapping pictures repeatedly saying "its beautiful" like an actor practicing his closing lines from the end of a really romantic drama or perhaps a person in a psych ward staring at the wall splattered in that mornings oatmeal.

There must have been hundreds of thousands of tulips, in every variety I never knew existed.  It was the typical dilemma I face, trying to narrow my selection down to a simple bouquet. 

We each managed to narrow down our choices to some beautiful buds and made some pretty arrangements for mothers day.

They also had a fun setup with a local BBQ vendor, baby chicks and a turkey. But you know how I feel about turkeys.

The spring festival is over but they are currently open for the "summer of sunflowers". I'm sure we will be back again to soak up the sun and return again in the fall for fall market.

Rachel RiceComment