Dinner with Bear

Typically Bear eats pretty well. I usually cook up some rice and chicken or ground turkey to mix with his kibble because he's sort of a picky eater. He's also a bit of a snob: Won't walk on linoleum, only drinks filtered water, sleeps on his own queen size bed. 

So today when Shaun and I got home from dinner, I realized that I hadn't stopped at the grocery store to pickup ground beef to cook for him. The panic set in as Bear moseyed his way over to his usual dinner waiting area (his bed) and stared at me with those pleading eyes that cut you to the core. 

While I was digging frantically through the fridge, waiting for his rice to cook, I realized there was a huge, beautiful strip steak I had gotten from the butcher counter at Wegmans a couple weeks back. I had initially purchased 3 for Shaun, Adam and I but 2 of them alone were too massive for all 3 of us to eat. I had planned on doing kabobs with the leftover steak but it kept getting pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten about. 

So tonight Bear had a steak dinner. I figured a steak dinner and Bears incessant whining and pretentiousness was worthy enough for all the frills of a nice restaurant. 

Bear thought the whole thing was enjoyable. Shaun was in the basement so he is unaware (until now) of my brief moment of insanity. 

Bear enjoyed his meal although it seems I've created a monster. He's standing at the bare table now, head rested pathetically, whining and crying because I haven't brought him the dessert menu. 

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