Bear's Custom Peanut Butter cookies

This week is going to be one of those weeks that I either go 100% completely insane or I come out like Xena warrior princess the other end, slapping naysayers in the face as I ride into the sunset on the unicorn I told you about in the gingham post. Although I have about 40 things to do in the next 2 days with regards to the bakery, event planning, volunteering, coordination of people and regular life errands, I'm taking some deep breaths and trying to remember to eat food and shower in between. I'm pretty sure it's manageable, probably not. Maybe, but we shall see. 

To keep my mind off of all the insanity that will ensue, I teamed up for another collabo with Emily of Emily Anne Photography to bring you a brief post about Bears Custom Peanut Butter Cookies. I will also admit, I'm writing this post while spoon-feeding myself the last remaining bits of peanut butter pie from last weeks recipe post. I would almost feel shame if I was capable of feeling anything at all at this point. 

We made this soft chewy peanut butter cookies with just a handful of ingredients which is absolutely perfect for a week like this one when I have no time, nor desire nor motivation to add another action item to one of my 3 planners. Yes I understand it's silly to have 3 planners but one was teal and on sale, one I already had and has important dates scribbled in it and I was rushing through Target today and I spotted the last one like a beacon shining on an end cap calling my name-no-screaming my name actually.

 "Rachel!" it said to me, "every warrior princess needs me with my glorious pink dipped page weekly breakdown and fabulous horizontal stripes...Rachel! Let me be your Gabrielle! We'll save cities together!" and I said "of course Gabrielle, throw on that crop top and get in my basket" and then the woman standing nearby ushered her 3 children away from me while whispering something. 

ANYWAYS like I was saying, these peanut butter dog treats are perfect to make if you have run out of treats and your pup is giving you those "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" eyes or if you really just love your fur-baby and want to show the world how much you do. Also, these are all edible human ingredients so you could totally chomp on these if your house is robbed and all they took was your car, money and all of the food in your kitchen. 

these are a different kind of "are you kidding me!?" eyes.

these are a different kind of "are you kidding me!?" eyes.

This recipe is slightly adapted from this one.  Meaning I was lazy and didn't measure exactly and  ate a few bites from a banana and threw the rest in there. 

Here are up close pictures of me cutting a banana. Because Emily is such a talented photographer she makes even that look really cool. 

Mixing all this together is like the 3rd most fun part of this recipe. Rolling and cutting adorable shapes is the 2nd and stamping little names in them was the 1st. Or maybe feeding them to Bear, can I say that was the 0st since I don't want to redo the 1-3?

Also, in the original recipe it doesn't mention how sticky this will be (but it's peanut butter and banana mashed up in a bowl, I mean get it together people) so cover your work surface in some more whole wheat flour to roll out and cut.

After I rolled out and cut the cookies into cute little doggie shapes, I stamped them with this guy that I bought from Amazon oh...7 months ago because it was like $7 and free shipping on prime and I was like "why not?". Well, thank you past me for thinking of future me and making responsible online purchasing decisions, although we still have to talk about when you spent a bit too much at The Limited on their Olivia Pope collection after binge-watching Scandal. Whatever, I look fierce so I forgive you. 

Emily also made a few bones for her pups and her moms pups (Hi Lois!). Apparently they were loved by all, then again could you expect anything less from cookie made of peanut butter and oatmeal?? Thanks for the collabo, Emily, can't wait to make more beautiful blog posts with you my ginger friend ; )