InspiredByThis: Nautical Newport Beach Wedding

I found myself in the dollar store the other day, as I find myself on many a day, lurking through the aisles to see what incredible little inexpensive knick knacks could be thrown together for a party. And I came across some navy blue and white striped napkins that made me think of throwing a nautical dinner party or wedding on the water. I know I just talked about winter weddings, but summer isn't over yet! As I type this from the deck, it's about 90 degrees out with probably 99% humidity. I feel like I'm in a sauna. Then again, how many people can detox as they work? Exactly. 

So I've got these navy and white striped napkins, rope and some other nautical themed elements I'm thinking of throwing together for a party when lo and behold,  creates a totally adorable, fresh and breezy Nautical Newport Beach Wedding on a yacht! How dreamy is that? Well of course I took that as a sign that a nautical themed something was in my future, so without further ado, here is my inspiration for an upcoming nautical themed soiree. 

I love how breezy and beautiful this setup is. The setting and decor is simple yet elegant and is casual enough to not come off as pretentious. I love the beachy take on the nautical theme with seashells, lime apps and just the right amount of boating themed gear to not tip it over into Deadliest Catch territory. The gold candelabra makes me think of something Ariel would find at the bottom of the ocean and write a song about but in a totally good way.

You can see all the details and the full spread here. What do you think about getting married on a boat? Too close to shark week for you to make an informed, logical decision?

Rachel RiceComment