Every Day Person Style: Easy Gingham Summer

If you knocked on my door on any given day, I would probably greet you in pajamas (not the cute kind) a t-shirt covered in chocolate and coffee stains (breakfast of champions) and my hair in a giant frizzy tumbleweed piled on top of my head (I woke up like dis).

Occasionally though, I like to look like a real person and I try to impersonate an adult to the best of my ability. On those days, you would often miss me in a crowd because my crazy-drifter apparel is in the wash.

You'll probably recognize the great photography skills of one Mrs. Emily Scott from Emily Ann Photography who managed to catch me on one of this days. It was totally not planned at all. I just crawled out of bed and greeted the day, full hair and makeup, freshly ironed dress and all. Promise.

I like to call this "Every Day Person Style" because although we all like and pin the gorgeous hot pink flowy satin ball gown dripping in crystal jewelry sitting atop a unicorn let's be honest with ourselves for a second, how many people actually planning on going out and wearing that? Let alone getting the satin material snagged on the unicorn horn, blinding the poor thing from the sunlight glare off all your crystals and then going to jail for animal abuse?

All of the legal issues aside, who wants to spend $3000 on a piece of fabric you'll wear once in your life? I'm all about sales and being thrifty,  my dress is from Loft (which I snagged during one of their incredible 40% off sales), my shoes are still on sale at Nordstrom and my necklace and bag were inexpensive accessory purchases from Francescas and Charming Charlie. Ain't no shame in my game! Sorry that just felt right. 

dress, shoes, clutch, necklace 

It's pretty clear I'm not a model, figuring out what to do with my face is something I struggle with daily, this is certainly no exception.  Thanks to the talented Emily for smoothing out all my lumps and bumps and teaching me how to angle my body so I don't look like I'm about to keel over or attack someone. 

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