Christine & Matt Fredericksburg VA Wedding #HollowayLoveStory

Sometimes you meet a couple and the wedding planning process seems like more of a chore for them than an exciting journey. That was definitely not the case for this sweet couple who were so enthusiastic and full of fun around every corner! 

Christine and Matt were married at The Glasgow Farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia on a beautifully sunny day with flowers blooming and the birds chirping. 


Christine and her girls are so much fun, as you can probably tell by these pictures of them having fun and getting ready on her big day! 

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As the great 21st century philosopher T-Swift once said, "I got that red lip classic thing that you like"


Christines first look with her dad was one of the sweetest, most touching moments. Dad giving away his daughter is such a a beautiful and bittersweet moment! 

How stunning is this girl?


The guys cleaned up pretty nicely too! ;) 


I love these pictures from the ceremony of Matt wiping the bright red lipstick off his face, Shaun always tells me how much he hates my lipstick for this very reason! 


Are you guys ready for my favorite picture ever?





One of the perks of getting married on a working farm is the occasional fluffy or feathered wedding crasher. I came upon this picture right as it was happening and I can tell you that chicken was pleased as punch to be posing with the bride and groom. I want to frame this and put it in my house but I think it would probably weird people out.

These two are serious #goals. Two of the sweetest people you will ever meet, absolutely beautiful and just crazy about each other and you can tell from the infamous garter removal! 


The garter removal was set to "Cherry Pie" and Matt took a diving leap into his beloveds dress to the cheers and applause and laughter of everyone. He spent what seemed like several minutes under there taking his sweet time getting that garter! 

Christine's big, beautiful dress was absolute perfection But because it was such a party crowd it got stepped on a few times and we had to re-bustle her several times until it broke so I eventually ended up sewing it in. I didn't even know this picture was being taken, I look REALLY serious don't I?

Of course, I go from professional to party in 1.2 seconds flat. 


These two are what every couple should aspire to be: madly in love, full of life and fun-loving. You can tell they are a couple who doesn't take themselves too seriously but cherishes the really important moments in life. 

I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of their wedding day and to have been able to connect with such sweet souls.

P.S. Christine I think we are way overdue for a Starbucks date! <3 


Venue: The Glasgow Farm

Photographer: Katie Jacobs Photography

Caterer: Shawns BBQ

Wedding Planning: The One Moment Events

DJ: CJ tha DJ