Melissa & Matt Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding

It started out as a rainy morning at The Glasgow Farm in Fredericksburg for Melissa and Matts wedding. Luckily the rain dried up and the day drifted into a beautiful autumnal afternoon just in time for Melissa and Matt to say, " I do!"

This wedding was special to me as Melissa had become more of a friend than a client throughout the planning process. Melissa lived about 2 hours away in Maryland so every time we could get together to work on the wedding was a total treat! 

Melissa comes from a military family and both her and Matt were in the Navy together but they wanted their wedding to be about them without the focus being too much on their military service. They wanted to have more of a fun, casual, backyard BBQ style feel than a big glitzy wedding.  Her goal when we first talked was a "vintage/outdoor/country barn" theme and I think we nailed it across the board! Since Melissa and Matts crew weren't a huge party/dancing crowd, we focused more on fun and intimate moments like lawn games and drinks around the bonfire and less on shots and a crazy dance floor! 

Melissa was so stoically beautiful on the wedding day! One of the coolest things about her dress is that because she was in the military she was able to get it for free from a local boutique that was running a military thank you special. It was serendipitous because she looked absolutely stunning in it! 

After she got ready she did a first look with her dad which is one of my favorite pictures from the day. On it's face it's a woman on her wedding day embracing her father but I know to her father, it's his little girl wrapping her arms around his neck like she has her whole life but now it signifies a change and a momentous occasion where he gives her away to the love of her life. 

There's a little secret about this beauty below. But you'll have to stay tuned to see what it's all about! 

Don't the guys look sharp? The mustang belongs to Matts brother, Chris. Matt had been helping Chris restore it for the past year so Chris thought it would be perfect for wedding pictures and he was so right! 

Melissa and Matts first look was perfect...excitement, a warm embrace, and a little bit of silliness...

This is the type of person you want to grow old with! 

This is the type of person you want to grow old with! 

Are these two the cutest, or what?

After their first look it was time to get married! There was so much excitement in the air leading up to this moment! Matt and Melissa decided to get married upstairs in the barn with the lights twinkling, family members and friends gathered around and their favorite songs playing. Melissa walked down the aisle to "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley which honestly is a song I can't help but cry to every time I hear it and was so appropriate for Melissa and Matt! 

This right here is what it's all about. Melissa is a strong, smart, amazing woman. She held it together until dad brought her to the aisle and all of the emotions hit. I love this moment so much and I'm so grateful that Linda captured it, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

They're married!!! 


Ok, so you guys remember the car? Well, Matt's brother Chris did bring the car for pictures but his real plan was to actually give the car to Melissa and Matt as a wedding gift!!! Can you say best wedding present ever?! You guys, if you were planning on gifting a blender to your next wedding...just save your cash...Chris wins for best wedding present of all eternity! 

Matt and Chris have been through a lot together. Their father had passed away only a couple years prior and their bond has only strengthened over the years. This gesture was more than just a brother giving his best friend an incredible gift, it was a symbol of their closeness and testament to brotherhood. Something that was so powerful and heartwarming not a single person that day left with a dry eye. 

For anyone just witnessing this moment, it looks like a standard reaction and embrace of two brothers after receiving an incredible gift. But it's so much more than that. These two guys have been through so much together and this day was a roller coaster for them both. 

After everyone had dried their tears as much as they could (I still have a video of Chris' speech on my phone with me quietly weeping in the background) the couple took it out for a test drive!! There may or may not have been a stall pulling out of the parking lot...probably not though, Matt would never do that ; ) 

Matt and Melissa picked "Marry Me" By Train for their first dance and it was the perfect song as Matt twirled Melissa around the dance floor. 

Maybe it's the daddy's girl in me, but every one of these pictures of Melissa with her dad make me a blubbery mess. 

The aftermath of the cake cutting...boy do I love when a couple gets into it!!! 

After the bouquet and garter toss and a little bit of dancing and lawn games , Melissa and Matt changed into some comfy flannels and headed out to the bonfire. 


Melissa and Matt had such a beautiful, simple, love-filled day.  If you could write a screenplay for the perfect wedding, this would be it. A beautiful love story, a heart-warming surprise, sentimental moments and tons of fun. I'm so thrilled I was able to share in their celebration and I love that I get to watch them grow old together! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wilson! 


Planning-The One Moment Events 

Photography-Awesome-Sauce Photography

Venue-The Glasgow Farm 

DJ-Brandon Hamilton

Caterer-Mission BBQ