Stephanie & Rex - Oatlands Mansion Wedding

This wedding is literally over a year overdue. 

I can't quite put a finger on why it took me so long to write this post about it but I have a few guesses.

1. I love these two so much that I'm afraid looking back through their wedding day will force all of these emotions I possess but have stuffed deep down inside of me to well up and explode again.

2. I'm still kind of in denial that their wedding day has happened, passed and now have surpassed their 1 yer anniversary.

3. Blogging sucks and I'm always so afraid I won't do my couples justice when I talk about their big days. 

4. There was a surprise so incredibly wonderful if you told me about it as a secondhand source I would swear it was straight out for a movie, read ahead to find out about it! 

Thus, to mark the belated 1 year anniversary of Stephanie and Rex's wedding, I present you with two of the most amazing people on earth joined together on a beautiful, rainy day in Leesburg. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Stephanie. 

She is an angel.

Stephanie has the most infectiously happy disposition, the best sense of humor, the sweetest laugh and is a ray of sunshine on the darkest day. If I ever had to be trapped in an elevator for an hour, she would be my first pick to keep my spirits up with her wonderful personality. 

Stephanie and Rex are both from Pennsylvania. Rex, who is equally as sweet and wonderful and incredible (seriously I want them to be the next presidents) was a picture of calm, so organized and so helpful throughout the entire process. Guys take notice, if you want to land a beautiful, amazing, smart, witty gal like Stephanie-be like Rex.

JessicaCrumpPHOTO (240 of 251).jpg

Stephanie and Rex picked the beautiful Oatlands Mansion for their wedding which is renown for it's beautiful, sprawling gardens. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for a garden ceremony that day. Fortunately however, Stephanie and Rex didn't let that get their spirits down and were the sweetest most understanding couple and still super grateful and excited about their wedding day! Because they are so amazing, all of their vendors rallied to make a very last minute rain plan call to push everything inside the tent last minute, flipping it from dinner to ceremony in 15 minutes and then back to cocktail hour/dinner immediately after. 

SecondShooterPHOTO (48 of 217).jpg

After the ceremony and once dinner and dancing kicked off there was one of the sweetest, most wonderful surprises I have ever been able to be a part of. You see, when Rex's parents got married, his dad had to ship off to the military and they never really got to have a wedding reception or a first dance. 


We secretly shuttled his dad over to the grooms cottage to change into his dress blues (and my how handsome did he look!)

When Rex was supposed to do his mother/son dance, he had her face away from the tent entrance as the dj took his time announcing the dance...then...had her turn around to see her husband standing there in uniform asking for the next dance.

surprise first dance wedding inspo

It's okay if you're crying, I was bawling behind my clipboard watching it in person along with every single person at the wedding. What an incredibly sweet, touching moment. Didn't I tell you Stephanie and Rex are the most amazing people in the world???

The rest of the evening was spent dancing, singing, eating cake and drinking from the fireball machine. Yeah, they're great and they know how to party. Who wants them to get married again??? Count me in for that! 

Stephanie and Rex, there aren't enough words I can say or type that can express to you how happy I am to have you in my life and how grateful I am that you picked me to plan your wedding. You've gone from 2 of my favorite clients to 2 of my favorite friends and I feel honored that you keep me around. I hope you already know this but if you ever need anything-get a flat tire, need a house-sitter, or wish to renew your vows you know I'm here for you. Love you guys so much and your wedding is still one of my favorite days. Sending you love and hugs! 


Venue - Oatlands Mansion 

Photographer - Jessica Crump 

Videographer - Christy Stevens 

Caterer- R&R Catering 

Florals- Ricks Flowers 

DJ - Archon DJ Services 

Photobooth - Wacky Photobooth 

Cake-Wandas Cake Decorating 

Wedding Planner- The One Moment Events 

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