Viva La España: Barcelona

Although Sevilla captured my heart, Barcelona did a pretty good job of trying to steal it away. 

Barcelona 5.JPG

When we arrived in Barcelona we were welcomed with another large, beautiful meal at Can Travi Nou which is a 17th century Catalan farmhouse converted into a restaurant completely covered in these gorgeous violet flowers. I didn't know having a building covered in flowers was possible but now it's all I want in life. So Can Travi guys let me know if you ever sell.

In keeping up with our Hollywood theme, Woody Allens "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" was filmed here! We had heaps and heaps of all types of Paella and all manner of tapas and spanish wine until we were so full we could barely stand but shuffled back to the bus to sleep off the remaining leg of the journey to our hotel.

While in Barcelona we stayed at the Hotel Arts, a Ritz property set along the Balearic sea separated only by "Paex" the giant fish sculpture by Frank Gehry that was built for the 1992 Olympics. 

The hotel itself featured a much more modern design than our previous marble terraced digs in Seville but I didn't hold it against them. Our dinner that evening was in the hotels restaurant and featured music by an incredible band that did a fantastic easy listening/jazz medley of covers of top 40 songs a la Postmodern Jukebox that set the most magical tone for the entire dinner.

07252016002621-D 04 C BWR (133).JPG

Not to be outdone by lunch, another massive spread of delicious food and  gorgeous summer-inspired tablescapes welcomed us to dig in and pray that we wore stretchy clothes.

literal vats of paella 

literal vats of paella 

We ate, we drank, we took pictures, we drank more. We then headed off to a little private party around the corner at Opium night club. You guys don't want to see any pictures of me there. Or rather, I don't want you to see them, so they don't exist. There were many more drinks, a little bit of dancing with someones boss's boss's boss and then some stumbling back to our hotel room to gear up for the next days adventures!