Viva La España: Barcelona día 2

Day two in beautiful Barcelona was met with a catamaran tour of the harbor and Mediterranean. I will admit, since we dove right into this journey, 75% of the catamaran tour I slept through and didn't even get to enjoy any snacks or champagne. So I would rate it  4/10 Beyoncés. Which is a rating system I use to calculate how fancy and amazing something is.


The tour took us around the harbor showing us multi-million dollar yachts and the various historic buildings that line the shore.


The mountains fade into the sea in beautiful varying shades of blue. There were dozens of these sailboats scattered across the water gently drifting and bobbing peacefully like teabags steeping in a hot mug.

We didn't get in front of the camera because we were napping at the front of the catamaran. It was so relaxing I think I might have started snoring or drooling at some point but here is a picture to prove we were in fact there. I don't know what I'm doing with my hands although that's pretty typical of me when I'm in front of a camera #RickyBobby

After the catamaran tour we had all worked up an appetite so we headed to a local restaurant out on the pier that again...served us more food and wine than we could imagine.

Those aren't options they literally brought us everything listed there and it was all delicious! 

Those aren't options they literally brought us everything listed there and it was all delicious! 

After the gigantic lunch we went back to the hotel and napped and geared up for another fantastic meal, this time at Torre d'Alta Mar a magnificent Michelin rated restaurant which literally translates to "tower above the sea". It is quite literally a restaurant set in an old cable tower that transports travelers from the Port to the cliffs. Check out the website here to see the frightening yet beautiful trip up to the tower and it's magnificent views.

The tower offers 360 degree views covering the ocean, the marina and the mountains. It's visually stunning panorama was the perfect pairing for an even more stellar meal. I won't even try to pretend that I remember what our meal entailed but it was a total gastronomical delight. 

I know my cheesy iphone pictures can't do the experience any real justice so you'll just have to make the trek yourself. It's definitely something I recommend at least once in your life! Sadly the following day we said farewell to Barcelona but not before a final spectacular day!