March has been quite a doozy! It seems like as soon as we got thawed out from winter my calendar filled up so quickly, I didn't even notice the transition from winter to spring. Now that things have settled down a tiny bit I have some time to sit down and catch up on my running to-do list and post about my favorite event so far this year, Celtic Crowns and Cocktails in Purcellvillle, VA.

Purcellville is a cute little historic town tucked into rolling, bucolic hills and farms and nestled in between a hundred other little adorable historic towns in Northern Virginia. The whole thing makes me so excited, my heart feels like it could literally burst from my chest like some overly excited, nostalgia-loving alien. 

The event was held at Catoctin Creek Distillery in an old historic building that was one of the very first car dealerships in town and still boasts many original features and old school charm. The hosts were Scott Harris, the owner of Catoctin Creek, all around cool guy and an expert mixologist who made some of the yummiest drinks I've ever had. The talented Julie Abrera with Beaumont House Design who not only taught us how to make flower crowns out of beautiful flowers and greens, some of which she hand-picked and foraged from her own backyard but put up with my incessant and insufferable hyperactivity and overexcitement from a few drinks and the magic of it all. And last but certainly not least the amazing Alicia Bruce of Love Knot Photography who not only took all of the pictures you see here but managed to capture the warm, laughter and creativity of the night. The great thing about having pictures from a talented professional photographer is that she can capture the spirit of the evening, while still managing to make me not look like a total lush.


It's tough when Scott is mixing up some delicious things like the Fox Mulder, a Jasmine Gin Fizz and a bloody mosby. All of those I can personally attest are totally delicious. If you are ever in the area, make sure you stop by for a drink! or two, or three! 

We obviously had way too much fun. But it's kind of impossible to not do when I get to hang out with this gal, Bethanne who is not only another talented photographer but is so sweet,  I'm pretty sure she is made entirely out of sugar. You should see the adorable, horrified expressions on her face when I steer our monthly Tuesdays Together meeting off into uncharted territory with topics fit for a Stephen King novel.  

But she totally puts up with me...see? Total sugar. 

There were also some incredible ladies from our Tuesdays Together group that were also equally as sweet and horrified by my inappropriateness: 

Sweet Marla of Marla Thatch Photography, my big goober face, the lovely Bethanne and the so pretty it makes you mad-Daniela of Danielly's Boutique

Plus the ladies (and gentleman)of the hour themselves: 

P. S. Alicia is my spirit animal. As Julie put it, "who's photobombing who?" 

There was also a moment when Julies sweet pups joined in the action and were promptly kidnapped.

Relax, I gave him back.

If you are a fan of fun, flower crowns, good people and good drinks I urge you to come to the next workshop! You can also visit Catoctin Creek Distillery  for some great drinks and good vibes or contact Alicia if you are in need of capturing your next event or family photos! See you soon!