Petting Zoos, Catching up on Blogging and a long segue back to a wedding

On my drive down to Charlottesville for a meeting the other day, I drove by (for the umpteenth time) a little place on the side of the road called Yoder's Market. I've driven past it several times, usually when I'm on a pretty tight schedule getting to an event, meeting or walk-through. This time on my way down I ended up waking up incredibly early and leaving earlier than anticipated. I actually drove by before noticing a big white sign that said, "PETTING ZOO" and immediately screeched to a halt and busted a u-turn straight into the parking lot*.

Clearly this was a fateful morning. With an extra 30 minutes to kill before my meeting I parked and strolled over to the petting zoo area, as casually as I possibly could to go pet and snuggle some cute little animals. I know that the petting zoo is there for the general public, which is me, and I know that no one there cared at all what I was doing but I was fighting an inner battle between acting like a rational adult and having a complete shrieking, freakout moment seeing tiny little baby goats. 

I ended up using all of the quarters I had on one of those little feed machines and feeding a few exotic birds, bunnies, llamas and a big ram who looked at me with the saddest eyes as I left. I'm still working on a reconnaissance mission to go back in the middle of the night and steal him (kidding, Yoder's employees...if he's stolen it won't be me) 

One of the coolest things there were the peacocks. There was one elegant white one and three that were the most beautiful, vivid turquoise. I was lucky enough to witness a little show of them fluffing up their feathers and prancing around, which again left me giddy and giggling like a baby being introduced to peek-a-boo.


These beautiful birds reminded me of one of my first weddings of the season this year in March, in which I made fun, whimsical peacock themed floral bouquets and boutonnieres for the bridal party! I love working with flowers and these were an extra special treat because the bride picked a peacock themed wedding! I love wedding trends but I also love when a client is bold enough to think outside the box and do something truly unique to them! 

plus...I love my house looking an smelling like a flower market! 

plus...I love my house looking an smelling like a flower market! 

I loved the fresh, bright and fun colors in these bouquets and how often do you get to play with peacock feathers?! 

Here is a picture of Nicole, her handsome husband and her beautiful bridal party with their bouquets and bouts from Annandale Photography! 

Congratulations again Nicole! Everything looked beautiful and I hope you have many years of fun and happiness together! 



*Please do not worry, there were no other cars around and I totally drive like Jason my head at least.