Helpful Proposal Tips

If you're reading this, congratulations! You are about to ask a very serious question to one of the most important people in your life. I want to start this with a disclaimer: These are helpful tips for when you finally pop the question to make the experience wonderful, memorable and enjoyable for both of you. This is by no means a way to get someone to say yes. If you're reading this because you're finally ready to climb off that tree branch outside someones window and approach them in person, this is not the blog post for you. If you are unsure if your significant other is ready to move on to the next level with you, I suggest a casual and adult conversation about it before you go out and spend any money on a ring or surround yourself with a stadium full of people to watch you get rejected. I haven't experienced it myself, but I can't imagine it's a warm, fuzzy feeling.  Also, remember these are suggestions to help enhance the experience, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is your love for each other!  Now that we've got the house-keeping out of the way, here are some tips to make your proposal magical! 

Remember it's about both of you 


While it's easy to get excited and carried away (I can say this because I do it ALL the time) remember that it's not just about what your perfect proposal looks like but also your partners. If you are really into World of Warcraft and LARPing, there is nothing wrong with that. But, if your sweetie would rather endure a medieval torture device than join your horde, please don't show up in full warrior orc attire expecting them to be elated. It's best to pop the big question in a way that he or she will love. Is this person an animal lover? Maybe incorporate your pet into the proposal! Do they love hiking? Propose on a mountaintop! Does this person love wine? Take her to her favorite winery and get her boozed up first, it's a surefire way to make sure I'm in a good mood and will say yes to anything. Wait...this isn't about me. You get the point. 

Convince her girlfriends to take her out and get her nails done 


This is for guys proposing to their ladies. If your significant other is anything like me, she has a nervous habit of picking at her fingernail polish while bored, stressed or in a desperate attempt to keep offensive things to herself.  Even if she isn't neurotic like me, she will want to take a ton of ring pictures afterwards to show her family, friends and social media. Even if she isn't the type to get her nails done on the regular, she will definitely appreciate a fresh mani when snapping photos of her new bling! 

Hire a photographer! 


Unless your partner is an incredibly shy person or hates having their picture taken, I canNOT recommend hiring a photographer enough!! You know all those buzzfeed articles that went viral about the perfect proposal? They hired a photographer. You know the easiest and most stream-lined way to share the proposal with your loved ones? Photographer! Think about take pictures of all the important moments in your life. This is one of the most important and should be documented!!! Plus, everything else you take pictures of is a scheduled or prepared event. When are you ever going to capture this much surprise and emotion in one moment ever again? Bite the bullet, HIRE THE PHOTOGRAPHER!!! 

Choose a style: public or private


Again, let's reassess this person you're about to spend the rest of your life with. Is this person an introvert or an extrovert? Do they love big crowds, flash mobs and partying Diddy style? Or does this person shudder at the thought of happy hour, birthday parties or leaving the comfort and safety of their sofa? You have to figure out what is best based on their personality. Making sure the person you are about to propose to is comfortable and happy first is so important. While I'm sure popping the question when they are having a bad day might brighten their mood and turn it around, if you're planning this out, it's best to do it right! 

Bring tissues! 


Seriously, if being a wedding planner has taught me nothing else it's this: bring tissues to any event that is filled with emotion. It's a very small thing but so worth it when you realize that neither of you have to cry and snot all over your shirts afterwards. 

Celebrate with dinner after and let everyone know! 


This is going to circle back around to the "introvert/extrovert" question. Some of my favorite proposal stories from clients have ended with a celebration with all of their friends and family gathering around them together. Whether it's going out for drinks and dinner or having a party in someones home, why not keep the feeling going? Also, if you've prepped and planned all of this ahead of time you are totally going to look like a rockstar! 

Make sure you're both ready! 


This really should be numero uno on the list but it's a good anchor to close with too. I'm sure if you are ready to do this you both love each other very much, that's not something I'm doubting! But make sure that marriage is something that you both want and you are both ready for! Some people get married after knowing each other for a few months and some after almost a decade! In fact, there are people who never get married but instead are in happy, loving partnerships their entire lives.  There is no general right or wrong time to get married, contrary to what some antiquated stereotypes will have you believe. Most couples in the 21st century have dated for a long time and oftentimes lived together, had pets and even children together. There is no correct timeline on how or when to do it but what is most important is to make sure you are both ready and not just doing it because you feel like you have to for some external reason. The most important thing about popping the question is making sure you both are ready and want to get married. I know it seems like a very daunting thing to discuss but it's best to find this out during the relationship before you even think about the ring where you both are on the topic of marriage. 


So if you're ready to pop the question, good luck and I hope you implement some of these tips for a memorable proposal! Also, once you're ready to get started planning the wedding day, give me a call to make that day memorable and stress-free as well!



banner image by Ashton Kelley Photography