Allison and Mike 6-4-16 #EverybodyLovesTheRaymonds

In part two of the blog series I like to call "2 months later with Rachel" I bring you one of my favorite couples and their sweet Charlottesville wedding.

Allison and Mike are two super smart, super sweet, super cute people with an adorable pup named Murphy that takes the adorable level to about 1000.  Allison is a cardiac ICU nurse and Mike is...some sort of brilliant scientist. I never really got into much detail about it but basically he's like a super genius, the new age Einstein if you will.

Allison and Mike live in Charlottesville which made their intimate wedding at the Boars Head and Ivy Inn a sweet event with a great group of people! 

One of the craziest parts of their wedding actually occurred the day before when in the middle of our outdoor ceremony rehearsal a torrential downpour soaked all of us in the might of a summer thunderstorm. This was like Ally and Noah kissing on the pier with the swans level of rain. It was like Jennifer Beals on the chair in Flashdance was intense. 

After feeling absolutely dreadful for soaking the entire bridal party, families, officiant and venue coordinator I was a bit horrified at the 50/50 rain prediction for the wedding day itself. Luckily, we were able to setup their ceremony under the willow tree and made it to the Ivy Inn for dinner just before the rain came back for round 2 of "I'm mother nature and I do what I want."

I can honestly say Allison, Mike and their family are the sweetest group of people. I am so happy I got to meet them all and put together their big day. I'm still smiling looking back on the pictures by the awesome Linda of AwesomeSauce Photography of this sweet couple and their group of loved ones. I'm still begging for a Murphy/Bear playdate!! 

Admittedly, there was one moment that I missed during the wedding day. As I was setting up our rain plan indoors, apparently a furry wet visitor (not Murphy) decided to crash the wedding pictures. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for that, mainly because I could've helped direct the sweet soaking wet pooch away from the perfectly coifed bridal party, but secondly because it looks pretty funny...

Sorry about that one guys. You all still looked amazing!!! 

Their reception at Ivy Inn was full of good food, good people and lots of love and laughter. Although there was a brief moment where the wedding was crashed by the rain and a creepy weirdo who stood off in the shadows watching everyone.  Fortunately the tent kept the rain out and it turns out the creepy weirdo was hired by the couple so nobody called the police.

I am so happy to have been able to be a part of Allison and Mikes wedding. They don't need my blessing but of course I wish them a long, happy marriage and when years from now they are credited with saving the world I'll pop up in the internet comments and tell everyone that I know them and brag about it to all my friends.

Congrats, you two. Stay sweet, talented, smart and lovely. #EverybodyLovesTheRaymonds