Homegoods Haul and a day of R&R

Lately I've felt off. Preparing for wedding season is oftentimes more exhausting than wedding season itself! I can definitely say I've been experiencing a little bit of burnout with nonstop events since the beginning of May so today I took an unexpected self care day to do something I love and get back to basics. 

We started off the morning heading to the Archwood Green Barns Farmers Market in the Plains. When we first moved to Gainesville and I discovered this market I fell in love! Firstly, it's dog friendly unlike the markets in Prince William County which wins major bonus points from me! Secondly, everyone is super friendly and it's also a quick shot right off of 66 and also less than a mile from the downtown part of The Plains with amazing little cafes, restaurants and shops! 

There were the most adorable baby goats there, dogs a plenty and plenty of local meat and fresh produce to prepare for the weeks meals ahead. Not to mention the local beekeper/honey man who reminds me of Christopher Walken, delicious BBQ, a woman selling miniature copper sculptures of dogs and other animals and the cutest little old wood-worker who promised he could make any piece of furniture we wanted with a week turn-around. 

After an amazing morning at the farmers market, we headed over to Homegoods to get some things to update the house from winter to spring/summer! 


I found a wide array of cute textiles, baskets and other misc. decor items to freshen up the house and make it feel summery again! Included in this haul were a gorgeous natural/white weave table runner for the dining table, a thick macrame runner for the kitchen table, yellow dish towels to accent the kitchen and some fresh teal colored towels for the powder room! 

I also picked up a nice big plastic weave basket for and outdoor Bear toy bin. We have a toy bin on every level of the house (including his toy shelves in his room) and now one exists outside as well. When you see how many of bears toys collect outside you'll understand why...

he seems quite pleased with his new outdoors organization.

he seems quite pleased with his new outdoors organization.

We also got a new shower curtain for the guest bedroom, new soap & lotion for the kitchen and some amazing plastic wine glasses for when we are outside on the patio and are on glass number 2 or 3. 

My absolute favorite find is one I've been searching for subliminally for quite some time. Do you ever have a space where nothing you do seems to work? It's almost as if the space is rejecting every other piece of artwork you place there because it's waiting for just. that. right. piece...I present to you...

ALL of the heart eyes!! This sweet little baby print was just sitting there front and center like it was calling to me. Having seen the two sweet baby goats at the farmers market that morning it seemed so serendipitous that this print was there waiting for me when we arrived! I still have a little bit of mantle styling to do obviously but every time I walk by this picture it brings me so much joy! Bonus points for Bears head popping up in the picture below, he's never one to miss a photo op! 

Speaking of which, Bear has a little audition next week for something fun so stay tuned for that! Meanwhile I'm gearing up for the rest of Junes weddings and prepping for the summer! Are you a home decor junkie like me? Do you feel the intense urge to change out your decor with every season?