Paris Day 3

Bonjour Mon Belles!!! 

Day 3 in Paris we were really fully acclimated to this city and all that it had to offer we even stopped across the street from our hotel to grab espressos and read the paper like locals...



Okay, maybe we were pretending to read the paper, but either way we felt quite truly Parisian. This was also immediately after we found out that the French SPCA had an adoption event right across from out hotel. Needless to say, it took some deep breaths, people watching and espresso to calm me down from what was almost a full on meltdown in the adoption tent. SO many sweet, beautiful dogs. Luckily we also got to watch several happy pups being taken to their new forever homes while we were getting coffee! 

The bonus is that the sun came out and the weather was fully cooperating for a stroll through apparently what is now my favorite Parisian neighborhood, Montmartre! 

After a quick walk and a short metro ride we arrived at the Montmartre metro. Word of caution for anyone else like me who thinks cardio is a naughty word: Those steps are NO JOKE! 

We arrived and started up the twisting staircase that never seemed to end. By the time we thought we were almost there it was just a landing and another spiraling staircase of hell


Spoiler alert: We made it out alive and into the fresh air and sunshine that greeted us above. Our goal was 2 things-La Maison Rose and the flamingo street art that we found (of course on instagram). So we headed up and through the beautiful cobblestone roads. After the first two days in the touristy and more urban parts of the city, it really felt like a quintessential European town. 

Bethanne Arthur 

Bethanne Arthur 


After a quick lunch at the top of Montmartre we strolled down to see some pink friends.

Bethanne Arthur 

Bethanne Arthur 

Bethanne Arthur 

Bethanne Arthur 


Then it was off to Le Mur Des Je T'aime or "The Wall of Love" where "I love you" is written 311 times in 250 languages. There was a little carousel and there were people roasting chestnuts on the street corners as we passed filling the street with street vendors beckoning tourists in french and the smell of toasted chestnuts.


Before we got there we stopped to visit some pink, feathered friends.


Afterwards we hopped on the Metro and headed down to something we obviously could not miss, the Eiffel Tower! 

Bethanne Arthur 

Bethanne Arthur 

Even though it was a cold December day there was still a ton of action including a wedding flash mob passing by! After admiring the Eiffel Tower we ducked into a cafe for warmth and grabbed some wine & a cheese plate.

We then strolled down the Champ De Mars and ran into this little cutie, he was SO proud of his bottle and his bounce literally jumped from one side of the sidewalk to the other when I pet him. 


We then headed over to Angelinas for some hot cocoa. We said goodbye to Christa & Nathan, Patrick & Katie and Quinn & Ripken as they were heading out the following morning.


Then we headed back and had the best dinner at Mon Coco, a chic restaurant across the street from our hotel! All in all, a 10/10 day.