Shannon & Derek Charlottesville Virginia

The first time I've been legitimately sad looking at wedding pictures is when I got the gallery from Shannon's big day. I was sorrowful, not because the day itself made me sad but because it was so beautiful and so special that the fact I was looking back on them and not living in that moment again was bittersweet. 

Shannon came to me in 2015 with this beautiful bohemian vibe and a love for Dave Matthews. As a personal fan of both of those things I knew right away that I was going to love this wedding and love everything this girl came up with. What I didn't know was just how much I would come to adore her! 

The crazy thing is, Shannon and Derek live in Minnesota so all of our correspondence was via email, phone or spotty Skype calls.  Shannon was also one of the very few brides I became friends with on social media before the wedding day and she not once judged any of my weird snapchat antics or Facebook posts. As time went on throughout the process it really did feel like I was planning a wedding for a close friend I've known for years. Every phone call I made and email I sent felt personal to me and I was so excited for the big day that when it finally came and when I finally met them both in person it was like we knew each other for ever. 

Now, Shannon could totally feel 100% different about this. In fact she could be reading this thinking "you are a weirdo." which is totally correct, of course. But the emotion and sentiment that was this wedding day was truly magical. There is just no other word for it. 

Shannon and Derek met and bonded over their mutual love for DMB. This wedding all at once felt like a tribute to Dave Matthews and a really genuine dedication to the couple, their family and their friends as well.  Of course it was only fitting that they had a destination wedding at Daves own vineyard - Blenheim in Charlottesville, Virginia! 

We kicked the weekend off the day before at the Homewood Suites with a little floral workshop. It was really important to Shannon to have a boho/bespoke feeling wedding and we put together a flower workshop where all of the bridesmaids could assemble their own bouquets themselves! I LOVED this idea because each bouquet reflected the individual personality of each person and enhanced that boho feeling. Plus, we got to play with flowers which is always fun!!! 


It was a wonderful, casual way to spend an afternoon doing something fun and creating something so special and unique for the wedding day. Shannon did super fun mismatched dresses that were so in sync with the mismatched, bespoke bouquets! 


The next morning was abuzz and full of exciting things as Shannon and Derek got ready for the big day! Of course, what big day is complete without a bridal giraffe onesie or the grooms nacho socks???


Derek looked handsome in a sharp tweed vest and hops/wheat inspired boutonniere and Shannon GLOWED in her boho, lace bell sleeve gown. She was harnessing a lot of Marilyn Monroe-esque classic beauty if Marilyn Monroes hair was as good as Shannons. 


After everyone was dressed and ready it was time for my FAVORITE part. The first look!! Also, peep Shannons bridesmaid in the window watching! 

The build up to these moments is unlike no other. You can sense the palpable excitement on Derek and Shannons faces. They are bursting with joy to see each other for the first time on their wedding day! 

After a few tear-filled moments during the first look, it was officially time to get married. In true DMB fan fashion, the entire wedding ceremony was Dave Matthews inspired with DMB fire dancer cornhole boards and some of his best songs for their ceremony. 


You know it's going to be a great wedding and a successful marriage when your moms give you away with a high five!!! P.S. Shannons moms are the absolute sweetest people in the world and I wish they would adopt me!!! 


and just like that they were the Nelsons! The amount of fist bumps, high fives and long embraces after the ceremony were outstanding. 


Then it was like a Zoolander-worthy model showdown. Look at these GQ Guys! 


Not to be outdone, the girls BROUGHT. IT. 


And those Bouquets!!! BRA-VO ladies! 


Ok but here's where it gets kind of sickening....look at how EFFORTLESSLY gorgeous Shannon is. WITHOUT EVEN TRYING! WHAT IS THAT?!?!?


UUUGGGHHHHHHH I know. It makes me sick too. Just know she's like the coolest so it's totally okay. 

But wait...just look at these two. 

Charlottesville wedding photgraphy.jpg

I KNOW I CAN'T EITHER. If this was an advertisement I would buy literally whatever it is that they were selling. 

After Shannon & Derek took pictures and the whole world wept tears of joy for their beauty it was time to get the party started and oh boy was it one of my favorites! 

Again, Shannon envisioned a boho, mismatched whimsical dinner party with one long kings table and she got exactly that! We used a mix of vintage, heirloom and mismatched vessels to create a bohemian feel reminiscent of a casual dinner gathering of friends. Cider is an integral part of who they are because Derek works for a local craft cider company in Minnesota and Shannon has celiacs so there were a few cider bottles and a few of Dave Matthews wine bottles in the mix that added a sentimental touch!


One of my favorite special touches was the agate slices Shannon chose to have for her place cards. I even got one and it's still resting on a shelf in my office! 

charlottesville tent wedding.jpg

Because the dance party was one giant super pumped dance floor that seemed like it was straight out of a movie, only a snippet of an instagram video can really do it any justice! Everyone formed a circle and they danced and danced and Derek invited Shannon into the center audible "YEAH!"s were perfect. Check out the 10 second clips here and here! They make my heart SO happy! 

It was one of those evenings you don't want the magic to end but as with all great things it must. Shannon and Derek ended the night with a sparkler sendoff and saying goodbye to their friends and loved ones and off they went into the night. 


charlottesville winery wedding.jpg
charlottesville wedding pippin hill.jpg
Do what you will, always
Walk where you like, your steps
Do as you please, I’ll back you up.
— Dave Matthews


Venue - Blenheim Vineyard 

Catering - Harvest Moon Catering

Florals- The One Moment Events 

Photography - Abbye Garcia 

DJ - Primetime Sound & Dj Services 

Planning - The One Moment Events Charlottesville 

Transportation - A Goff LImousine


Parents Enter - Dreaming Tree - Dave Matthews Band

Processional #41 - Dave Matthews Band

Bridal Processional - #34  - Dave Matthews Band

Recessional Tripping Billies -  - Dave Matthews Band 

First Dance  I'll Back You Up -  - Dave Matthews Band

Mother/Son Dance - Rascall Flatts 

Mother/Daughter Dance - I Hope You Dance - Leeanne Womack