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Jenn & Jon Washington DC Wedding

I love/hate relationship with Washington DC. As a northern Virginian, the traffic in and out of the city can be (and usually is) complete misery. But DC has a vibrancy and liveliness that you can't get in any other city around the world. 

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Petting Zoos, Catching up on Blogging and a long segue back to a wedding

On my drive down to Charlottesville for a meeting the other day, I drove by (for the umpteenth time) a little place on the side of the road called Yoder's Market. I've driven past it several times, usually when I'm on a pretty tight schedule getting to an event, meeting or walk-through. This time on my way down I ended up waking up incredibly early and leaving earlier than anticipated. I actually drove by before noticing a big white sign that said, "PETTING ZOO" and immediately screeched to a halt and busted a u-turn straight into the parking lot*.

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