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Helpful Proposal Tips

If you're reading this, congratulations! You are about to ask a very serious question to one of the most important people in your life. I want to start this with a disclaimer: These are helpful tips for when you finally pop the question to make the experience wonderful, memorable and enjoyable for both of you. This is by no means a way to get someone to say yes. If you're reading this because you're finally ready to climb off that tree branch outside someones window and approach them in person, this is not the blog post for you. If you are unsure if your significant other is ready to move on to the next level with you, I suggest a casual and adult conversation about it before you go out and spend any money on a ring or surround yourself with a stadium full of people to watch you get rejected. I haven't experienced it myself, but I can't imagine it's a warm, fuzzy feeling.  Also, remember these are suggestions to help enhance the experience, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is your love for each other!  Now that we've got the house-keeping out of the way, here are some tips to make your proposal magical! 

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