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Sunny Day Eats: Peanut Butter Pie

You know what's better than pie? I'll let you think about it for a minute...can't come up with anything can you? How about a no-bake pie that doesn't heat up your house at the peak of summer? Or involve smashing together berries or praying that your pie crust doesn't burn at the edges or become paranoid that there are worms in the cherries that you freshly picked and you're going to give your family intestinal parasites. All I'm saying is pie can get complicated. I'm not directing this to your pie gurus who pop out a beautiful Martha Stewart worthy pie every time you waltz into the kitchen (I'm lookin at you Natalie, Jason and Alyssa) I'm speaking for the rest of us normal folks who just want to please people with something delicious without having a mental breakdown from the process. 

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