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A quick Getaway: Punta Cana, DR

In February we took a quick trip to Dominican Republic to enjoy some sun, sand, get a little bronzed, and enjoy the beach life before diving back into the ever-changing winter weather of northern Virginia! It was only a 4 day trip but was a nice mini getaway before things really started picking up for me and also a nice respite from the half-hearted winter that gave us no real snow and therefore nothing really to look forward to except cold, grey weather. 

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Near Death Experience and the Prolific Internet Battle

The world is crazy, isn't it?

I mean, it's probably always been crazy but back when we lived in tribes and smaller communities, things were presented and hashed out face to face. There was no time between conversations for miscommunication, no sinking feelings in the pit of our stomach when things got misconstrued over miles and miles of distance and no area where insecurities could seep in, seethe and grow until they rear their head in the ugliest form-attacking our fellow man. 

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