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Entertaining at Home - Monthly Dinner Club - Friendsgiving

The holidays and winter in general are typically a great excuse to put on some cute, cozy fat pants, spend time with good people and good food and cozy up by a fire after consuming way too much delicious food and wine. This past friendsgiving dinner club was the perfect occasion for that!

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Happy Thanksgiving from The One Moment Events!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I don't know about you but love thanksgiving and the entire holiday season as everything seems to slow down, cozy up and spirits seem to be just a little bit brighter. I'm kicking off the holidays tonight by grabbing a glass of wine, starting a new crocheting project and watching my True Crime shows while cuddled up next to my boys on the sofa. Tomorrow we are headed to thanksgiving at Momma Hicks' house for a day full of family, fun and food. Three of my 4 favorite F-words, obviously. 

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