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A quick Getaway: Punta Cana, DR

In February we took a quick trip to Dominican Republic to enjoy some sun, sand, get a little bronzed, and enjoy the beach life before diving back into the ever-changing winter weather of northern Virginia! It was only a 4 day trip but was a nice mini getaway before things really started picking up for me and also a nice respite from the half-hearted winter that gave us no real snow and therefore nothing really to look forward to except cold, grey weather. 

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Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico-To Dos and not To Dos

If you're anything like me, you consider yourself an unofficial expert on a place after you've visited it once. Clearly, I am not an expert on barely anything but I wanted to share some of my experience on the West coast of Mexico since my usual dive is on the opposite coast. 

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Viva La España: Barcelona día 2

Day two in beautiful Barcelona was met with a catamaran tour of the harbor and Mediterranean. I will admit, since we dove right into this journey, 75% of the catamaran tour I slept through and didn't even get to enjoy any snacks or champagne. So I would say it was 4/10 Beyoncés. Which is a rating system I use to calculate how fancy and amazing something is.

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