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Creative Team Spotlight - Cathleen Titcomb with Curious Fox Press

As someone within the industry, sometimes it's difficult to remember that there is verbiage, processes, timelines and logistics that are completely foreign to anyone outside the wedding industry (namely the client). That's why I'll be starting a new feature called Vendor Spotlight that will showcase a specific professional in the field that you might not know as much about so you can gain insider knowledge on that part of the industry! 

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Meredith & John #ForWeberandEver

It's hard looking back now to imagine a hot August day, with the weather cooling and the trees bare, it's almost impossible to think it was one of the hottest days of the year when Meredith and John got married. 

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Petting Zoos, Catching up on Blogging and a long segue back to a wedding

On my drive down to Charlottesville for a meeting the other day, I drove by (for the umpteenth time) a little place on the side of the road called Yoder's Market. I've driven past it several times, usually when I'm on a pretty tight schedule getting to an event, meeting or walk-through. This time on my way down I ended up waking up incredibly early and leaving earlier than anticipated. I actually drove by before noticing a big white sign that said, "PETTING ZOO" and immediately screeched to a halt and busted a u-turn straight into the parking lot*.

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