Things to do in Paris - Day one and Hotel Henriette

Somehow I survived the solo international flight followed by the layover (and navigating the Copenhagen airport & customs) so when I finally arrived in Paris after being awake for 20 hours, jetlagged and ready for a shower I was feeling like a half-human.

I checked into my room at Hotel Henriette, a cute little boutique hotel in the 13th arrondissement where Alicia of Love Knot Photo had left sweet little gift bags for us full of metro tickets, macarons (which disappeared immediately) and a french translation book! It was the cutest little welcome to the cutest little place! 

Hotel Henriette paris boutique hotel review
Hotel Henriette paris boutique hotel review

The hotel lobby is exactly what you'd expect from a french boutique hotel. A multitude of cool, neutral colors, brass and gold accents, fun floor poufs and mid-century mod furniture flirst with vintage paintings, vases of fresh flowers and pops of pastel color and a beautiful multi-color string light star that hangs above the little courtyard.

Check-in was a breeze and I and my giant luggage was crammed into the little elevator in no time. Word of advice for anyone planning their stay, do not plan on fitting anything wider than an average person on the elevator, it's about half the size of my water closet at home but with a little bit better decor.

image via google 

image via google 

Each room at the Hotel Henriette is different and they are all very petite! My room was on the 5th floor looking out across to the beautiful architecture and was fashioned in shades of blush pink and teal. Tiffany who was in the same room two floors below me had a beautiful room with rich emerald and yellow colors! So fun and eclectic! 

Hotel Henriette paris boutique hotel review 13th arrondissement
Hotel Henriette paris boutique hotel review
welcome to paris bag
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As I said, the rooms are just like the elevator and are pretty teeny tiny. When I first arrived I was a bit surprised but it has all the creature comforts you need and I settled in pretty quickly. My room gets lots of natural light and has a large window that opens on a nice day for a beautiful Parisian breeze and so I can listen in on the conversations in french as passersby below go about their day. My closet is big enough for what I need and includes cubbies, a floor length mirror and a very tiny safe (large enough for a wallet or iphone, too small for an ipad). But unfortuantely smells a bit mildewy so I didn't actually take any of my clothes put to put in. 

There are two small, marble side tables and hanging pendant lamps with switches right next to the bed for the bedside lights as well as the main room lights which also make it easy and not necessary to cross the room in darkness when going to bed. There is also a small tv which I didn't bother with, a small desk with a vintage looking mirror above it. The bathroom is also fairly small but provided a pretty substantial ledge, enough for me to put my travel toiletries, makeup bag, curling iron, straightener and also house an extra vase which came in handy for the beautiful lush peonies I bought at the floral shop, tissues and toilet paper. The sink is teeny tiny, but does the trick and the shower isn't hateful when compared to what a lot of European showers look like! 


Pretty soon after I checked in I realized I was in very desperate need of espresso so we walked over to a little cafe called "Le Perroquet" or "The Parrot!"! It was a smallish place with a good, local vibe, some great wine selections, strong espresso and some yummy dessert options that we did not partake in. 


Afterwards we did a mini impromptu shoot in the hotel lobby where the sweetest little vignette was set up with a beautiful tiled floor and tons of plants and fresh flowers galore. It's worthy of interior design inspo for anyone looking to ad a cute, young, french vibe to their home! 

We all gathered as a group and walked over to grab dinner. There is a moroccan place right across the street but even though they said they were open at 6, turned us away and told us they don't open until 7 when we got there. Is it that hard to update a google profile? 

Because our first option didn't work out, we ended up going a tiny bit farther and went to a larger place called Les Negociants. A fairly typical Parisian restaurant with a simple menu (in both french and english!) a good selection of french wines and a Malbec or two, an awning-covered, semi-enclosed terrace area and righ wood decor. Myself and Tiffany had both landed that day and were so tired and hungry that when the food came, it was a struggle to stay awake and not take a nap mid-meal. But of course we needed dessert! I got the pistachio sorbet which was kiss your fingers good and an espresso which was promptly chugged as I sat waiting for it to kick in, 

Because it was now 36 hours of being awake, we decided to head back to the hotel where I snuggled into bed and went to sleep at what equated to about 3pm back home. The first day was a good "get my bearings and adjust to the time change" day and was a perfect way to prep me for what was the sweetest adventures on day 2! Coming soon!