Unique Escort Card Ideas

My favorite part of weddings is the customization and personalization of each and every element from each couple. There are so many ways to make your wedding uniquely yours from the big stuff down to the very fine details. Often times, it's these details that are overlooked but can be some of the most special! 

If you've ever been to a wedding you're probably familiar with either seeing your name on a seating chart or finding your name, table number and meal selection on a little tent card that's meant for you to take to your seat to show you the way to your table and then for your sever to know which meal you've ordered! But there are so many more fun ways to incorporate the couple, their theme, or another personalized method of making even the most utilitarian thing a conversation starter! 

From Pinterest, here are 5 of my favorite ideas for alternate escort cards! 


1. Something Sweet! 

The traditional method is dinner before dessert, but I don't think any guests would mind having a sweet treat to guide them to their seat! This type of favor does triple work as an escort card, favor and dessert! 

2. Kick off the Party 

Name one thing better than dessert to welcome you? Booze! Again another fun and triple action item for your guests is a mini bottle of champagne! You can also get mini bottles of sparkling cider for anyone under 21 to partake in toasts later in the evening! 


3. Cheers!

You won't have to worry about guests knowing what to do with these champagne flute escort cards! Guests will instinctively place them at their seats which will prompt servers to pour champagne for toasts as they sit down! You can also combine Idea 2 and 3 and just have guests take their champagne to their seats pre-poured, just don't be surprised if a few people need a little top off once they sit down!


4. Something For Later 



One of my destination brides used vintage Mexican postcards as her guestbook, but she put postage on them and had her mom send them to her periodically their first year of marriage! Imagine how exciting it would be to open the mailbox and get a surprise from your wedding day over and over again! You could achieve something similar by attaching a pre-stamped envelope to an escort card and asking guests to send you marriage advice or their favorite wedding day moment to you! 


5. Bring Out Your Inner Kid

If there are two things I will always be unashamedly fond of, it's legos and superheroes!  Not only are these escort cards a fun conversation starter, if there are kids at your wedding, you can also leave a small bag of legos at their seat to keep them occupied and let them play with their escort card and not their food! 

There are infinitely more ways to use something creative, special or fun for your wedding and to elevate the utilitarian purpose of escort cards to the truly incredible! What is your favorite escort card that you've seen?