Viva La Espańa: Farewell Sevilla

On the third day, we took a walking tour across the river in Triana, exploring and shopping in the famed ceramic district where they create beautiful hand-made tiles and ceramic dishware. We ended up grabbing a few beautiful ceramic painted tiles after Shaun stood exasperated in line begging me to hurry up for what I'm sure seemed like hours to him, while I shuffled through a dozen different beautiful bowls and plates and dishes and realized I probably couldn't fit anything else in my luggage.  

After shopping we strolled over to Restaurante Abades Triana for more food and wine and a lovely view of the river and Toro del Oro. 

this picture taken from a go-pro because apparently we are sharks and the photographer had to keep a safe distance.

this picture taken from a go-pro because apparently we are sharks and the photographer had to keep a safe distance.

As if food wasn't already a major theme for our trip already, we went back to the hotel and planned for our Arabian Nights themed dinner at Casa Pilatos. Around 7PM a horse-drawn carriage picked us up in front of our hotel and took us for the most mesmerizing sunset ride through the cobblestone streets as the horses feet went clip-clop and the golden light gently cascaded across everything. 

Let me tell you something about Casa's stupid beautiful. 

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Casa Pilatos is a palace built in the 1500s and is dripping in the beautiful Mudéjar style with gorgeous tile work and beautiful vivid colors covering every inch of floor, wall and ceilings. With stunning expansive gardens and a phenomenal stone facade it's hard not to fall madly in love with it as soon as you walk in.  If it looks familiar, it's probably because it's visited you in your dreams or if you've seen the 1962 classic Lawrence of Arabia because it was totally filmed there.

We had a delicious dinner al fresco in the main center courtyard and the setup was stunningly gorgeous. 

To top off the evening of great wine and delicious food we were thrilled by a show of belly dancers that dazzled through the courtyard. 

After dinner and entertainment we walked around the courtyard for a bit and then headed back for more gelato and a night of rest before our flight to Barcelona the next day. I will say at this point I thought I wouldn't love any other place in Spain as much as I loved Sevilla. But when we got to Barcelona I realized that it only got better. Stay tuned for our beautiful welcome to Barcelona! 

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