Viva La España: Sevilla Day 2


*disclaimer-I'm typing this as a drink a nice big bottle of spanish wine, about 3 1/2 months after our trip so if something doesn't make any sense you can blame my goldfish memory or this beautiful, fruity Crianza* 

After the first day of jetlag passing over us and getting more into the rhythm of the time change we were ready to fully embrace our new Spanish surroundings.

On the second day we ended up skipping out on our Sherry tasting and taking the day at leisure. We walked around the square and had lunch at Restaurante El Giraldillo in the center of the square right across from La Giralda Cathedral. We sat outside and had lunch and watched the people come and go. 


One of my favorite places in Sevilla is the palace next to our hotel called Real Alcazar also known as....


Yeah, that's right we visited the magical place that was the fictional birthplace of my favorite character and/or dream husband Oberyn Martell (may he RIP) from Game of Thrones.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and my elementary school went to Camden Yards for a field trip and I slid my butt across the whole dugout because that meant that by default I sat somewhere that Brady Anderson sat because I was in love with him. Yes, I was a strange child and yes I am a strange adult. 

Aside from the cool factor of my favorite show being filmed here, the castle itself was stunningly gorgeous with vast, lush green gardens, intricate tile work, beautiful courtyards and gilded ceilings. It was everything you expect a Spanish palace to be and then some.

Sorry I was late for the meeting you guys...and also severely under-dressed. 

Sorry I was late for the meeting you guys...and also severely under-dressed. 

Wanna talk about some legit castle stuff? That little window above the tiled tiger is right across the entrance and was for the guards to throw down boiling water or oil to intruders that were trying to bust down the door. If you're thinking of including one in your own home, let me know I'm working on a patent now. 

It was insanely beautiful on it's own but something about the fact that Jaime Freaking Lannister walked through the same gilded rooms that we did make me fangirl pretty hard. 


Also, just look at this room? Why don't I have a room like this in my home? Why don't we put gold on our ceilings anymore? I'm thinking it's going to be the next big thing in home decorating after the rustic farmhouse trend dies down. 

On the way out of the castle there were artists selling drawings and paintings of the castle in the piazza directly outside and I stopped to get a sketch from one of the sweet little old vendors that now hangs in my office. 

After a day of nerding out at the castle, we went back to the hotel and went on a tapas hopping tour for dinner and ate all of the tapas and drank all of the wine for a second day in a row. Full, sun-kissed and satisfied we floated back to our hotel room to rest and gear up for the next days activities, which proved to be even more magical than the previous two. Stay tuned for another castle adventure tomorrow!