An event this important shouldn't be a carbon copy from Pinterest or a reproduction of a friends event.

That's why it's so important to have creative partners that will get to know you and execute an event that best matches your personality, desires and dreams. At The One Moment Events we like to have fun but we don't play around. From the very beginning we will find out what the most important aspects are to you and tackle how to incorporate what matters most to you into an overarching theme of your special event. 

We have talented, professional creative partners who we work closely with to execute your vision so perfectly that you'll walk into a room that is plucked straight from the vision in your head. There are countless ways to create an incredible, memorable experience that you and your guests will enjoy now and reminisce on for years to come. Let us know what you truly desire, what your questions and doubts are and the things you want to avoid and we will make sure your event is amazing and the planning process is a truly wonderful experience.


your dream day

designed & planned

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